Wag 2013

 Sam’s Point To Trapps Bridge

  1. Take right at fork on paved road
  2. At 1.0 take right at double blue blazes onto Ice Caves Road
  3. At 1.1 take left onto Verdeerder Kill Falls trail. Single track and rocky.  Teal blazed
  4. At 2.9 Cross Verdeerder Kill Falls.  Don’t take double blazes on right.   Check out the falls.
  5. At 3.2 reach end of Verdeerder Kill Falls trail. Take lavender blazed Scenic Trail to Lake Awosting straight ahead.
  6. At 5.1 trail ends.  Go left to Lake Awosting.  Go right on Lake Awosting Carriageway blazed black.
  7. At 6.3 take a right towards Hamilton Point Carriageway.
  8. At 7 go through yellow barrier and take yellow blazed Hamilton Point Carriageway on right.
  9. At 7.1 take left on lavender blazed path and rock scramble up to Castle Point.  Be careful on rocks.
  10. At 7.3 take right on blue blazed Castle Point Carriageway.
  11. At 9.8 take right past barrier onto washed out trail.
  12. At 9.9 take left onto yellow blazed Hamilton point carriageway.
  13. At 10.0 make hard right onto yellow blazed Millbrook Mountain Carriageway.
  14. Pass Patterson’s Pellet and pass Gertrude’s Nose Trail on right.  Do Not Take.  Stay on Millbrook Carriageway
  15. At 12.2 reach end of Millbrook Carriageway.  Summit on right.   Check it out!
  16. Take red blazed Millbrook Mountain Trail from end of cul de sac.  Go downhill steeply.
  17. VERY IMPORTANT At 12.4 take blue blazed Coxing Trail on right.  Easy to miss so pay attention.
  18. At 14.1 reach Trapps Road. Go right
  19. At 15.1 arrive at Trapps Bridge.  This is a great place to stash food and water the day before.


From Trapps Bridge to Gatehouse

  1. Take right at large boulder onto Undercliff Road and go downhill past fence/overlook
  2. At 15.3 go left up vague path/rock scramble.  This begins just before the first rock climbs.  You will be following pink ribbons for the next 2 miles.  Follow path up rocks to a small gulley on right and get on top of Trapps.
  3. Run difficult single track across the ridge, picking up a card from an area with a fantastic view of Skytop tower.  Then take a rock slab exit on left at 17.1
  4. Around 17.2 take a right on Overcliff Road.
  5. At 17.6  take left before Rhododendron Bridge onto Laurel Ledge Road.
  6. A t 17.9 take right on blue blazed Giants Path. Scramble up through caves.  Follow path straight uphill
  7. Take right on Humpty Dumpty carriage road.
  8. At 18.3 take left on Short Woodland Drive at a triangle intersection
  9. At 18.4 take a left onto Lake Shore Path (sign)
  10. At 18.6 reach Mohonk Lake.  Go right
  11. At 18.8 cross Lake Shore Road at boathouse onto Lake Shore Path heading for Spring Path
  12. At 18.9 take a right onto Spring Path
  13. At 19.1 go left onto red blazed rock scramble just before a gazebo.  Cedar arrow on post. Follow red arrows through boulder field towards crevice.
  14. Enter crevice and ascend ladders to the top
  15. Exit Crevice at 19.3 Go right and across bridge.  Ascend following red arrows and climb stairs to Skytop Road. Go right
  16. Make your way to the entrance of Skytop Tower.
  17. Climb tower steps collecting a card from underneath a corner seat held up by concrete blocks down two flights of steps from the top of the tower
  18. Exit Tower, take path down stone stairs towards the hotel and go right on Skytop Road
  19. At 20.0 pass lily pond on left-stay on Skytop Road
  20. At 20.2 take Fox Path to Woodland Bridge on right  (rough single track)
  21. At 20.4 reach auto road.  Go right
  22. At 20.5 take second carriageway (Terrace Road) on right passing “Cars Do Not Enter” sign
  23. At 21.1 go through old shale pit and cross auto road.
  24. At 21.2 take right fork onto Terrace path (single track) stay right paralleling the auto road
  25. At 21.2 Terrace path crosses the auto road and continues on the other side
  26. At 21.6 reach Lenape Lane.  Go left and uphill
  27. At 21.8 reach Mohonk Mountain House Gatehouse

From The Gatehouse to the finish

  1. Go right down Mountain Rest Rd. (paved) towards New Paltz
  2. At 22.1 miles take a left onto blue blazed Northeast Trail  
  3. At 22.3 left onto blue blazed single track Northeast Trail
  4. At 22.6 cross the red blazed Bonticou Path.  Continue on blue blazed Northeast Trail
  5. At 23.2 reach yellow blazed Bonticou Ascent Path.   Take right and follow yellow blazed trail rock scramble to Bonticou Summit.
  6.  At 23.4 reach Bonticou Summit.  Get a card under rock with ribbons.  Leave summit following yellow blazes north.
  7. At 23.7 reach the end of the yellow blazed path and return to the blue blazed Northeast Trail.  Take sharp right uphill.  This turn is easy to miss.
  8. At 24.6 reach the end of the Northeast Trail. Go right and downhill on the Clearwater Road. (Follow pink ribbons)
  9. Stay on the remnant of the old Clearwater Road through wet swampy area.
  10. At 25.1 out of swampy area onto clean, clear carriage road.
  11. At 25.2 trail hits a large downed tree.  Go left onto Larsen loop trail.
  12. Follow pink ribbons to Rail Trail at 27.6. Go left.


  1. At 27.9 cross Keator Ave and run straight onto trestle (bridge) over Rondout River.  Enjoy the view and the end

9 Responses to Wag 2013

  1. Scott says:

    Counting down the days!

  2. Jaysonkolb says:


  3. MatthewT says:

    Hey! First timer here debating attending this. Coming from Port Washington on LI, Based on the elevation change and distance im guessing id be around 6.5 – 7 hr. Anyone looking for some company?

    • Matt M says:

      i will be taking off at 9am to give time to enjoy views and make sure i don’t push myself too hard since it is my first time doing a trail run this long

  4. Matt M says:

    Does anyone know about the parking at sams point since the gaits close at 5

  5. dmf1ny says:

    Directions seem confusing. Any wag vets want company? I figure 5-6 hours but I’ve never run there.

  6. @dmf – I ran with Mike for much of the run last year, still debating whether or not I’m going to do it this weekend as I am only a week back from a 6-week injury recovery though. What kind of times have you run in other races (this course is highly technical for a lot of it) – don’t take this one lightly! It will be a last minute decision if I run or not, but I could certainly use company if I do.

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