Wag 2011

Year 7

2011 was the “Pick your Poison” year for the Wag.  After Hurricane Irene and the closure of some trails in Minnewaska State Park, our devoted race director declared, “There is no course this year.  Choose you own route.  If you want to run single track, do it, you like carriage roads, do it,  you want to spot a bike in the middle and pedal out the second half, I don’t care!”

Around 30 hearty souls arrived at Sam’s Point around 8am, and after a slight debacle, we began.  The first five miles was shared by all Waggers but once we hit lake Awosting, we went our separate ways.  Everyone involved, regardless of where we ran, were treated to a great day for running.  Temps in the 50’s, partly sunny, and great views as usual.  We passed each other through out the day as our personally chosen routes crossed.  There were some falls, some bloody shins, some drop outs at the halfway point, and some wrong turns, typical for a course with no markings.

The finishers hit the Red Brick between about 4:30 and 9 hours.  Many beers were shared, stories were told, and laughs were……laughed……by all.  Another one for the record books, the ones that don’t contain any records of course.

Here’s a few pictures of the day.


Starting at Sam’s Point


Here’s a couple of track logs to compare routes

one way mostly single track

another way mainly carriage road


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