Wag 2008

Year 4 of the WAG. Getting big!

The 2008 Wagathon had over 30 runners. Results will be posted as soon as the computerized results are tabulated, collated, and verified using our fairytopia playing card encryption parsing subroutine.

Flickr Set of 2008 Wag!

And a few picks from Harry:

2008 Course Info:

  • Cragsmoor to New Paltz
  • New course this year
  • Fun run
  • No entry fee for run, but participant must pay for mohonk preserve day use (about $10) if not a preserve member
  • No aid provided
  • No awards – “winner” buys a round of beer
  • Self Timed
  • about 5 miles of single track the rest mostly carriage roads
  • something like 28 miles total,only last mile or so is on pavement
  • finish steel bridge over wallkill river…the Wags memorial Bridge
  • cheating ok
start: sams point preserve parking
  • uphill to sam’s point (.5) mile & continue for (.5) to intersection with ice caves cw.
  • right (east) then quick left (north) onto singletrack (blue blazes) to verkeederkill falls (about 2 miles technical and rocky) but little elevation change
  • continue north to mud pond (blue blazes) (1)
  • after about 1.25 miles of fantastic trail running reach an intersection. blue blazes make right DON’T Take. make left here . in less than a minute reach south end of  Lake Awosting and take a right onto carriage rd.
  • follow past awosting beach and begin uphill climb
  • at intersection right onto Castle Point CW and follow uphill to Castle Point
  • continue North and mostly downhill following Castle Point CW.
  • After a couple of miles and shortly before Lake Minnewaska make right onto unmarked spur trail (note* there is a yellow sawhorse baricade here to prevent mt. bike access only)
  • about a minute downhill pass Hamilton point CW on your right and take the second right onto Millbrook CW
  • follow about 2 miles to millbrook mt. circle (great view here on top of rock to runner’s right)
  • continue 50′ on single track (red blazes Millbrook Mtn Trail) and make sharp left
  • continue downhill (rocky) for a minute or two and keep eyes open for blue blazed Coxing Trail on the right.
  • take coxing trail and follow for about 2 miles of great trail running
  • reach Trapps cw take right and follow to steel bridge at 44/55. good place to cache supplies and water
  • continue north on Undercliff CW to Rhododendron Bridge (4 Way intersection)
  • go straight (bridge to runners right) onto Larel Ledge CW
  • follow Laurel ledge CW uphill and bear right onto Humpty DumptyCW
  • left onto Short Woodland for a minute
  • left onto Lake Shore path (single track)
  • follow shore of Mohonk Lake crossing Lake Shore CW onto Spring Path (left) (single track) through boulders
  • at intersection keep right on Spring Path for a few minutes until red blazed rock scramble to The Crevice is seen on left.
  • climb ladders in Crevice and ascend stairs to top of Sky Top Tower
  • Return to Tower base and follow Skytop CW downhill N- NE to Huegenot Drive
  • Right onto Huegenot Drive and follow to Woodland Bridge (major intersection of carriage rds and paved rd.)
  • Right onto Bridge CW  and follow until  Forest Drive (left turn)
  • Downhill on Forest Drive to right onto Lenape Lane
  • Follow Lenape past farm to Butterville Rd. and pavement
  • make left then quick right onto Gatehouse Rd.
  • Left on 299
  • Finish far side of Steel Bridge over Wallkill

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