Wag 2016

Year 12

…..a change or 2

as a result of the 2016 fire, trails from SAMs Point to lake Awosting are presently closed to the 99%. Closures are put in place to prevent the spread of invasive species, seeds of which can be spread by wildlife, hikers and trail runners. We appreciate your cooperation with this closure. The SAMs point ridge is a fragile and most unique area. Let’s do our part in keeping it the treasure that it is.

The 2016 detour will begin at the Awosting reserve tailhead on Aumick rd, wallkill, ny. There is limited parking so try and car pool or get dropped off. Basically it’s a long uphill grind so one can add quite a bit of elevation to their day although it will shorten the overall mileage. How much? Not a clue. Figure on crossing the top of Margaret cliff as an interesting route and continue to castle point. Carry on as usual to rosendale…

and wear bright colors . The wag is a week later this year….



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One Response to Wag 2016

  1. Claude Suhl says:

    I always wear camou when out hunting. The scientific facts are that there are 2 kinds of hunters/weapons bearers: good ones who look and are certain of what they will shoot at ;
    bad ones who take “sound shots” and shoot out of hysterical surprise at anything that catches their attention such as brightly colored trail runners.

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